​​Pangaro Training has spent numerous hours investigating the best security services available to school and businesses.  This is a list of the companies that offer outstanding products with exceptional service; companies you can trust to work to protect your students and staff.  (Let them know Joe sent you.)

Response Technologies with the fastest duress and emergency response system on the market sending location specifics to police radios. Ask for Brent Jones 1-513-202-5500.  

LockAidedoor lock down device.  Ask for Dominick Taquinio and Kathi Mezzadri 1-844-Lockaide/1-844-562-5243

Red Circle Solutions a Visitor Management and ID Systems. Ask for Mark Marais  877-798-8951.

A+ Technology & Security Solutions with Video Surveillance. Ask for Drew Cassara Phone: (631) 675-2286.

Energy Solutions Security Window Tinting.  Ask for Cosimo Matarazzo 732-490-1500  

Making Schools Safer and their Intruder Deterrent Panels. Ask for Philip Tkacik  1-888-600-0907

Share 911let's you get help faster by connecting you, people nearby and first responders in real time. Ask for Erik Endress (551) 579-4305 sales@share911.com.

Master Grinding and Security provides lock down magnets and door straps. 973-627-6381​

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