Dynamic Training for Law Enforcement,

School, and Business Professionals

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In this tumultuous age, professional security methods are no longer optional or just for the wealthy. Joseph Pangaro

Pangaro Training & Management is a leader in training for law enforcement, school and business professionals.  We are excited to introduce our Security Consulting Division which provides school and business administrators, who have little or no security experience the opportunity to determine security measures needed to protect their school, agency or institution and its members.

The potential impact of violence has created tremendous confusion and anxiety on the part of administrators and employers as to how to protect and prevent loss of life. Many communities often scramble from one costly security service, technology or product to another.  Frequently, they find out their attempts at security aren't sufficient or effective just costly. 

Tasked with the enormous responsibility of preventing risks from a myriad of threats, many school districts and businesses are seeking the services of credible, reputable, and experienced security consultants to guide them through this daunting process. 

The reasons schools & businesses are choosing Pangaro Training & Management Security Consulting Services:

  • Decades of law enforcement & school security employment with extensive, current state, federal and private security training
  • We balance your need for vigilance with maintaining an open, supportive atmosphere
  • We recognize you have individual, distinct and specific concerns; we do not use cookie cutter methods
  • Together we tackle current issues and then equip and educate you to manage any future concerns
  • Our comprehensive approach works to identify and stop a problem before it occurs, reduce hazards in given situations and predict rather than react to circumstances
  • We are easily reached and have an exceptional relationship with local law enforcement agencies
  • We are trustworthy, have an excellent reputation.  References will be provided and your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our consultation services include security measures prioritized goal recommendations, strategic planning meetings, planning seminars and the oversight of drills, projects and security systems implementation.

The safety of your members and staff is your first priority.  Our experience and thorough approach will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that you have done everything in your power to keep your members safe.  Visit www.jpangaro.com or call 732-600-8976 to see how Pangaro Training & Management can produce a custom and reliable Threat Vulnerbility Risk Assessment (TVRA) which is often the 1st step in developing an effective facility security program and/or security consultation for your organization.