Course List

All Courses are open to all Police Personnel.  Many courses are appropriate for the patrol officer and the investigator.  Often officers wanting to invest in their own training will choose courses that will help them in other assignments or promotions.  

Supervision Courses:

  • S101- Supervision, Leadership & Mentoring (2day)
  • S102- Planning the Active Shooter Drill
  • S103- Internal Affairs Investigation
  • S104- Creating & Implementing an Employee Development Plan
  • S105- Train the Trainer
  • S106- Forming a Quality of Life Unit
  • S107- Policy Writing 

Investigation Courses:

  • I101- HyperDrive  Narcotics Investigation (4 days)
  • I102- Criminal Investigation (3 days)
  • I103- Liquor License Investigation
  • I104- Sexual Assault Investigation
  • I105- Juvenile Investigation
  • I106- Pre-Employment Background Investigation
  • I107- Interview & Interrogation (2 days)
  • I108- Working with Informants
  • I109- Working Undercover & The Tools of the Trade
  • I110- Writing Search Warrants & Affidavits & Courtroom Procedure & Testimony 

Patrol Courses:

  • P101- Building Successful Cases through Report Writing
  • P012- Patrol Tactics
  • P103- Advanced Street Interview Techniques to Uncover Criminal Activitiy
  • P104- Investigation for the Road Cop (2 days)
  • P105- Crisis Intervention for the First Responder (2 days)
  • P106- ​Essential Patrol Updates, Domestic Violence, Search & Seizure
  •            and CUMMA Law
  • P107- Tourism Policing
  • P108- 1st Responder Interactions With the The Special Needs Community 


Associates Courses:

Concealed Compartments- One-Day Course, Two-Day Course, and Three-Day Course

                    by Palestra Group International

Basic Photography with Crime Scene and Traffic Accident Specialties-

Attend either 2 or 3 days.                      Instructor: Dave Gamble

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 Pangaro Training commends your commitment to your officers and the citizens of your communities. 

We are committed to our students.  Our courses are meant to give current, practical instruction.  

Pangaro Training  employs highly-decorated and experienced instructors.  In many of our courses, students interact with professional role players  to enhance the concepts being taught during the course. 

After the course, we encourage our students to use us as a resource as they hone their new skills in the field.  

The most important training is that which prepares you for the real world.

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