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Bensalem PA Police Department sent their Narcotics Division to Pangaro Training's Concealed Compartments Course.  1 day after attending the class, the unit found 1,000's of dollars, weapons and drugs.  

"Concealed Compartments was such an amazing class, even for highly experienced narcotics investigators. Everybody can get something out of this course no matter how skilled you are. No doubt this course has made our entire unit better and more skilled. Our production since attending this course has increased drastically. Thanks for the incredible course." Sgt. Adam Schwartz of Bensalem PA Police Department


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Lieutenant Joseph Pangaro (Ret.) brings a unique set of skills and professional experience to his teaching and training programs. Those skills are combined with his deeply held belief that anyone in a leadership position must be driven to prepare the next group of professionals to lead in the future. 

The Most Important Training is That Which Prepares You For The Real World. PANGARO TRAINING DOES THAT!


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An opportunity for you to receive training for free.  You provide the room and let your surrounding departments know about the course.  We will do the advertising, registrations and billing and provide the course materials, coffee and snacks. In exchange for providing us with space, your agency will be able to send 2 or more officers to the training course.  

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