Dynamic Training for Law Enforcement,

School, and Business Professionals

Pangaro Training teaches today’s modern professionals vital skills through courses designed to engage and empower its students to serve with excellence and integrity. Pangaro Training is guided by the principle that the paramount responsibility of leadership is to prepare and mentor the next generation of leaders. Its founder, Lt. Joseph Pangaro, is a highly-commended, 27 year, police veteran with 12 years in the detective bureau and 7 years as lieutenant in charge of the training division. Realizing that most of the available training programs were tedious and boring, Joseph launched Pangaro Training to bring cutting-edge training to the 21st century professional. Our goal is to transform police training from the tiresome requirement it has too often become into an engaging, productive learning tool through interactive classroom sessions and real-life role playing exercises.

Five years after starting Pangaro Training, the initial course offerings, Crisis Intervention for the First Responder and HyperDrive Narcotics Investigations, would become the cornerstone of Pangaro Training and work as the unique model for the dozens of training courses that followed. Radically different from the typical instruction, both courses would bring the students to the field to practice skills taught in the classroom.

Pangaro Training’s philosophy of servant leadership is exemplified in both Supervision for the Newly-Promoted Sergeant and Lieutenant and Internal Affairs Investigations. Here, and throughout our courses, managers are taught the value of putting the needs of others first and how to help people develop and perform as highly as possible.

In addition to its founder, Pangaro Training has four highly experienced instructors who have written and presented more than 25 courses to over 1,000 law enforcement personnel throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Highly rated and regarded, Pangaro Training is at the vanguard of the industry in meeting the needs of this generation, offering dynamic training to law enforcement, school and business professionals.~~