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Today Pangaro Training Presents Plan and Prepare

at Bucks County PA 

We proudly introduced these vendors to Pennsylvania and New Jersey Police and School Administrators.  Click on the names to visit their sites and learn what they can offer your school district.

Brent Jones at Response Technologies with the fastest duress and emergency response system on the market sending location specifics to police radios.

Dominick Taquinio and Kathi Mezzadri from LockAide door lock down device.

Michael Downing from School Safety Solutions providing emergency classroom window treatments.

Mark Marais from Red Circle Solutions a Visitor Management and ID Systems.

Justin Parish and Ryan Waibel from A+ Technology & Security Solutionswith Video Surveillance.

Cosimo Matarazzo from Energy Solutions Security Window Tinting.

Philip Tkacik from ARS Making Schools Safer and their Intruder Deterrent Panels.

Share 911 with Erik Endress let's you get help faster by connecting you, people nearby and first responders in real time.

Master Grinding and Security provides lock down magnets and door straps.

Co-Sponsoring Courses

An opportunity for you to receive training for free.  You provide the room and let your surrounding departments know about the course.  We will do the advertising, registrations and billing and provide the course materials, coffee and snacks. In exchange for providing us with space, your agency will be able to send 2 or more officers to the training course.  

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